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Hello internet, It’s me Umesh Ghimire, Kathmandu based software developer. I have complete my graduation from Trivuban University and currently working at Unifun Pvt. Ltd. as a Software Developer since a year. Basically i love to work on open source like php and mysql. I love to work on challenging environment with cool people/clients. You can view more about my experiences and expertise below.
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  • May 7, 2004-April 27, 2006

    School Leaving Certificate


    First Division

    Completed SLC(School Leaving Certificate) with 62.13% from Pragyan Academy Chandragadhi, Jhapa Nepal.

  • August 20, 2006-September 18, 2008



    Second Division

    Completed intermediate in second division from Birendra Higher Secondary School, Chandragadhi, Jhapa Nepal.

  • November 15, 2009-February 22, 2013

    Bachelor In Business Studies


    Second Division

    Completed Bachelor in second division from Mechi Multiple Campus, Bhadrapur Nepal.


  • December 29, 2012-September 20, 2014

    E-Prabidhi Pvt.Ltd.

    Senior Web Developer and Database Architect

    Key Responsibility

    - Website development with Code Igniter Framework
    - Social media marketing (facebook, twitter, google plus etc )
    - Database designing with mysql and Oracle
    - User interface development
    - Comprehensive database management with Oracle and Mysql Database
    - Concept Development
    - Strategy development
    - User interactive UI development
    - Module, plugin development
    - API development
    - Ecommerce website development with wordpress, CodeIgniter and Opencart.
    - Requirement analysis
    - Web based software development.
    - Managing various web based project.

  • June 14, 2013-September 20, 2014

    IT Training Pvt. Ltd.

    PHP Developer/Instructor/Database Trainer[Part Time]

    Key Responsibility

    - Website development( With HTML,CSS, JQuery, PHP, Mysql, JSON, XML) training
    - Software development training to various students
    - Provide database (oracle, mysql) training
    - Provide training about social media marketing, Ecommerce development.
    - Software development training and Seminar.
    - Oracle with database security training
    - Monitoring various websites.
    - Programming training with OOP and Frameworks like CodeIgniter, Laravel and YII
    - Provide responsive website training with Bootstrap and LESS
    - Organize User Interactive website development training in various place
    - Provide training in different places about database, programming, msaccess etc.
    - Give training about user interactive website development and concept development.

  • September 28, 2014-May 6, 2015

    Sofos/Websupreme Pvt. Ltd.

    Senior Web/Software Developer

    Key Responsibility

    - Develop website and web based applications.
    - Database designing using mysql database
    - Design user interactive user interface.
    - Responsive website designing with bootstrap
    - Design and code web based application and website using HTML, CSS, jQuery etc.
    - Requirement analysis and project development
    - Develop Joomla component, module and template
    - Wordpress theme development and it's plugin development
    - Develop website with frameworks like Code Igniter, Laravel.
    - Develop Framing websites with Joomla

  • June 7, 2015-

    Unifun Pvt. Ltd.

    Senior Software(PHP) Developer

    Key Responsibility

    Currently i am working as a Software Developer at Unifun Pvt.Ltd. Naghpokhari Kathmandu. And following points are some of my key responsibility at the company.
    - Working with core PHP, Wordpress
    - Telecommunication software Development
    - Wordpress Plugin Development
    - JQuery Plugin Development
    - Web Service Design Development
    - Software Design
    - Worked with Python
    - Design pattern and DI
    - Strong Knowledge with HTML, CSS, Javascript , jQuery
    - Mysql Performance Optimization
    - Report Generation with MSSQL


  • PHP
  • JQuery/Javascript
  • Wordpress/Joomla
  • Magento


I am available for Freelance projects that depends on your project value. Hire me and get your project done!

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