Month: May 2016

The 10 Biggest Tech Trends for 2016

By admin | May 19, 2016| No Comments

If you already feel like you are living in a sci-fi futuristic fantasy, just wait. Technology is getting exponentially faster, more immersive and intuitive. And as technology changes, so does the way we live. In 2016, we can expect to be increasingly surrounded by virtual reality, watch kiddos play with a personalized robot and possibly…
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MySQL performance tuning settings

By admin | May 8, 2016| 1 Comment

In this blog we’re going to discuss the top ten MySQL performance tuning settings that you can implement after an installation. When we are hired for a MySQL performance audit, we are expected to review the MySQL configuration and to suggest improvements. Many people are surprised because in most cases, we only suggest changing a…
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