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If you are a web developer that sells software online, here are the basic software marketing methods that will help you boost your sales. Learn about each one, and find the winning combination that will bring you more buyers.

1. Continuous Search Engine Optimization

Maintaining a high ranking in the most important search engines is a never ending struggle, as you need to follow certain rules AND continuously update and optimize your website. Focus on:

  • improving your link popularity
  • adding fresh content
  • monitoring website results
  • testing various keywords
  • spending time in improving the design and the usability of your website.

Unless you turn to professional SEO help, you shouldn’t establish your software marketing strategy exclusively on this method. For higher results, combine it with other methods, such as those presented below.

2. Submit your shareware to software download sites and directories

Promote your software by submitting it to as many download sites and directories as possible. Create a good PAD (Portable Application Description) file, as this will ease the entire submission process and webmasters will appreciate it, too. Pay attention to the traffic you get from these sites and invest time in those who really bring you customers. One of the main advantages of submitting your software to download sites is obtaining more back-links and increased link popularity, which enhance your website’s page ranking and position in the main search engines. It is one of the most important software marketing techniques, that also helps you increase your traffic and from that your internet software sales, so don’t neglect it. If you find it too time consuming, ask for professional help.

3. Affiliates marketing

There is a vast network of affiliates on the internet. Affiliates are people who will promote and sell your software products from their websites, in return of a small commission for every sale. Why should you try to market software using this method? Because you pay your affiliates on result. The compensation may be made based on a certain value for each visit (Pay per click), registrant (Pay per lead), or a commission for each customer or sale (Pay per Sale), or any combination. There is a wide range of affiliates and methods of promoting your software products. Choose those who have websites that have been specially designed to sell software products.

4. Pay per Click campaigns

Important search engines place ads near search results in return of a small amount. It is called pay per click advertising. The idea behind this marketing technique is to bid for relevant “keywords” that bring pertinent results related to the product you’re selling, and place your advertisement on the top of the page. The most important players on this market are Google AdWords and Yahoo!Search. The method has its fans but also its fierce opponents, due to the possibility of click fraud.

5. Write newsletters and press releases

A newsletter is an easy way to stay in touch with your clients, prospects and affiliates. The success of an e-mail newsletter distribution system depends on your database: you need to keep it up to date and accurate. You can target your e-mail campaign to clients and prospects or to affiliates. Concentrate on creating different campaigns for each segment that you target. Always ask permission to stay in touch with your clients and your affiliates. Let them know what to expect from your newsletters regarding content and frequency and respect the standards that you have established. Keep focused on the substance of the email – make it original and appealing. Offer the chance to unsubscribe from the newsletter in a very visible place. You can also take advantage of many websites that offer public relation services including free publishing of press releases. Of course you can always choose the classical way and publish your materials regarding product launches or news related to your company, in newspapers or software magazines. Don’t overdoit though, because people might get bored with too frequent information and loose interest in your software products.

6. Get involved in online forums and blogs

It is basically free publicity. Invest time in subscribing to forums or discussions groups that deal with software related themes. Be careful though, some administrators might ban you for explicit publicity. So be creative. Many people visit forums and blogs in search of information. A blog post that deals with the theme under discussion, contains relevant information and is presented in a professional way could be of real interest to the participants. Give your website’s address, the product’s name and possibly your PAD file location. Use a signature and not a nickname, and you can also add a slogan related to the software product you want to promote.

7. Write and submit articles

There are many e-zines and online publications on the internet where you can publish software related articles. This is an easy way to get free exposure and consolidate your image as a professional in your domain. A good article has to look professional. The golden rule is to come up with a catchy headline and pay special attention to the content. Avoid duplicating information found on the internet. Your article must be simple, meaningful and original. Keep a professional tone and avoid self-promotion. Sign your articles, add your contact information and a copyright note at the end of the editorial. Also include a line with your website’s address for those who might be interested in the subject that you presented and would like to find out more about your work.

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To successfully market software, you need to find the most suitable combination between these methods. Learn more about each one of them. Keep in mind that every business is different, so you need to be creative and patient until you find the best formula that brings you higher sales

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